Chef Gérard CABIRON



Meilleur Ouvrier de France Desserts Glacés

Après avoir débuté chez Lameloise, il exerce chez Potel et Chabot, Lenôtre puis il remporte le concours de sculpture sur glace en 2006 puis l’Open Européen des Desserts glacés en 2007. Entre temps, il accède au titre de MOF Desserts Glacés.
Il est maintenant à la tête d’une des plus grandes maisons de Traiteur de la Région de Montpellier.

Chef Martin LIPPO

Martin LIPPO


Spécialiste de la cuisine moléculaire et à l’Azote Liquide – Chef à Barcelone

Originally from Argentina, he now lives between Portugal and Spain. A master of molecular cuisine and the use of liquid nitrogen, Chef Lippo never stops creating new recipes in his laboratory kitchen in Barcelona, where he also gives professional cooking classes.

Chef Nasserdine MENDI

Nasserdine MENDI


Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier – Confiseur

Initially from Alsace, he started his career in Patisserie Jacques in Mulhouse. He widened his skills at the chocolate factory Brunstein in Mulhouse before working at Lenotre and Michel Chaudun. He has participated in the training of many pastry chefs with a large part of his career spent in Japan as a teacher at Ecole de Pâtisserie Japonaise.

Chef Régis BOUET



Maître Chocolatier

A renowned professional and high level teacher, Regis reached the final in the contest Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Chocolatier. Chocolate has no more secrets to him and he is guided by the passion of training. He is now the head of one of the greatest catering business in the Montpellier region.

Chef Stéphane GLACIER

Stéphane GLACIER


Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pâtissier

Trained at the most prestigious French Patisseries, Stepahne now travels the world refining his art.

Since 2008, he has developed his own pastry school and boutique in Paris and as a self proclaimed pedagogue, he has published numerous books dedicated to the diverse techniques of patisserie.